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Effortlessly Tone and Firm with Electro Muscle Stimulation!
15 Minutes = 2 Hours At The Gym




A Day


Weights Or
Joint Impact
  • 1000s of Muscle Contractions
  • 100s of Calories Burned
  • Shred Fat and Gain Muscle
1,094 Verified Reviews

EMS Ab, Arm & Leg Trainer

The TONEDBYEMS EMS Trainers tone and firm your entire body while burning calories and fat. The trainers are designed to fit on your abs, arms, legs, and buttocks perfectly while the EMS technology works directly on the targeted regions giving you thousands of muscle contractions per 10 minute use. Like doing 100s of sit-ups, lunges and pushups in minutes!

Ems Buttocks and Hip Trainer

The TONEDBYEMS buttocks and hip trainer is the newest addition to the line. The revolutionary trainer produces slow electrical pulses in your hips and buttocks causing your muscles to contract and relax giving you a firmer buttocks while burning calories and fat. These impulses mimic the actions that come from the central nervous system when you are exercising your muscles naturally.
It's like doing 100s of squats in minutes!

Now with Comfort Plus™ Velcro Bands

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Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions, simulating the effects of exercise. This technology enhances muscle strength and tone, aids in fat burning, and increases calorie expenditure. EMS devices typically consist of electrodes placed on the skin over targeted muscle groups. When activated, these electrodes send gentle electrical impulses to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax.

Any healthy adult can utilize EMS to tone and firm their entire body. From 18 year olds to seniors. From beginners that have never gone to the gym, to athletes like Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo use EMS. The velcro bands are one size fits all. Anyone that wants to tone, firm and burn calories can use EMS!

The EMS computer has different intensities and modes for this reason. You can use it during other workouts (walking, light weights, pilates moves) or just lay on the couch and let it do all the work for you.

We urge you to read our full health disclaimer, those that are pregnant, have a cardiac pacemaker/defibrillator or cancer should not use EMS devices.

  1. Improved Muscle Strength and Tone : EMS can enhance muscle strength and tone by contraction 90% of your muscle fibers. A 15 minute EMS session is like 2 hours at the gym.
  2. Burn calories and fat without the strain on your joints.
  3. Only 15 minutes a day! Get thousands of muscle contractions in one session. It's like doing 1000 sit ups, squats and push ups in 15 minutes.
  4. Rehabilitation and Pain Relief: EMS is often used in physical therapy to help patients recover from injuries by maintaining muscle activity and reducing pain.
  5. Convenience: EMS devices can be used at home, at the office or on the go, providing an efficient workout option for those with busy schedules.

Only 15 minutes a day. EMS devices can be used at home, at the office or on the go, providing an efficient workout option for those with busy schedules.

The smart computer offers 3 different modes and 6 intensities.

  • Mode 1: Recovery and Massage
  • Mode 2: Fat Burning
  • Mode 3: Muscle Toning

The computers are charged with a lightning fast triple pronged usb cable included in the package

Your entire body! We offer ab, buttocks, arm and leg toners.

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EMS In The News

Real Women! Real Results

The EMS Secret !

A long-held secret among pro-athletes and Hollywood A-listers, EMS has finally become available to the general public. The portable TONEDBYEMS toning device provides hundreds of muscle contractions in as little as 15 minutes a day - strengthening, sculpting and tightening the entire muscle system, all in the comfort of your own home! Worn on the abdomen, arms, legs, waist or buttocks, it tones the entire body with muscle contractions that mimic classic resistance training.

Superstars Madonna, Heidi Klum and Usher are longtime users. Victoria’s Secret Angels Romee Strijd and Alessandra Ambrosio swear by EMS. Before strutting the catwalk at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Alessandra Ambrosia fully integrated EMS into her workout, attributing her “long and lean” figure to the 500 calories it helps her burn each and every session.

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You’re favorite super heroes - Secret Workout

Most notably, Tom Holland relied on EMS for his training in the lead-up to playing world-famous superhero, Spiderman! Calling it his “secret weapon,” Tom says “it really works” and “try it everyone - it was amazing!” See how he used EMS to prep for his most famous role:

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Just 10 Minutes A Day From Home!

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Low Impact, Injury-Free Workouts!

Regardless of your fitness level, a workout-related injury can happen to anyone. No matter how experienced you are, you can easily get hurt. In fact, recent statistics for exercise-related emergency-room visits topped HALF A MILLION annually.

Common workout injuries include:

  • Wrist sprain
  • Knee injury
  • Back pain
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprained ankle
  • Shoulder dislocation

Pushing yourself too hard while exercising can cause serious damage. The old adage, “no pain, no gain” has led to many traumatic hospital visits.

EMS can significantly cut down your risk of injurious workouts, allowing you to meet your training goals while still staying healthy. Just a few minutes on the machine acts like a precautionary stretching warm-up, leaving muscles less likely to be damaged during a workout.

Accelerates and Aids Recovery!

And if you’re already injured and nursing yourself back to health, EMS has been used extensively to speed up recovery. The no-weight, no-strain, low-impact training tool limbers and loosens strained muscles to make them more susceptible to healing. For many people, this painless procedure accelerates recovery and provides instant relief from aching, uncomfortable symptoms, allowing you to get stronger, faster. And the faster you heal, the sooner you can get back to your daily training schedule!

100% Proven Results

100% of users reported their abdominal and arm muscles felt firmer and more toned after 4 weeks.

92% of female users felt firmness and more definition in their buttocks.

91% of users felt that the firmness and strength of their ab muscles have increased.

Now with Comfort Plus™ Velcro Bands

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4.7 / 5 Stars Based on 1094 Reviews

Tonedby EMS Belt
MMcKinley Baxter
As a fitness enthusiast always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance my workouts, I decided to give the Tonedby EMS Belt a try. I must say, I'm incredibly impressed! The EMS technology provides an intense yet comfortable muscle stimulation, making my ab workouts more effective than ever before. The belt is easy to use, fits snugly, and is surprisingly lightweight. I've noticed visible improvements in my core strength and definition since incorporating this into my routine. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take their ab workouts to the next level!
Tonedby EMS Belt
AAshley McDaniel
I had high hopes for the Tonedby EMS Belt, and my hopes were met with utter joy. While the EMS technology is intriguing, I was pleased to see a big difference with significant results after using it consistently for several weeks. The belt itself is well-made and comfortable to wear.
Tonedby EMS Belt
AAddilyn Hanna
The Tonedby EMS Belt is a game-changer for busy individuals like myself who struggle to find time for traditional workouts. This belt allows me to target my abs and gluts while multitasking around the house or even during work breaks. The EMS technology delivers powerful yet comfortable muscle contractions, leaving me feeling like I've had a proper workout session. I've seen noticeable improvements in my core strength and endurance since incorporating this into my daily routine. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a convenient way to tone their abs!
Tonedby EMS Belt
HHarlow Hardy
The Tonedby EMS Belt exceeded my expectations in terms of convenience and effectiveness. I've been using it for a few months now, and I've noticed a considerable improvement in my abdominal and arm strength and definition. The EMS technology delivers intense yet controlled muscle contractions, mimicking the effects of a rigorous ab and arm workout. I appreciate the adjustable intensity levels, allowing me to customize the experience to suit my fitness level. While it's not a substitute for traditional exercise, it's definitely a valuable addition to my fitness routine. Highly recommend it!
Tonedby EMS Belt
DDenise Valentine
The Tonedby EMS Arm Belt has revolutionized the way I approach arm workouts. As someone with a busy schedule, finding time to hit the gym and focus on arm exercises can be a challenge. That's where this belt comes in – it allows me to effectively target my biceps and triceps with minimal effort. The EMS technology provides intense muscle contractions that really engage the arms, leaving them feeling pumped and energized. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I've already noticed a significant increase in arm strength and definition. Plus, the convenience factor is unbeatable – I can wear it while working, watching TV, or even cooking dinner. If you're looking to sculpt and strengthen your arms without spending hours in the gym, this is the perfect solution!

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